I have done other work besides electrical work.  Both before starting the electrical trade, and in between steady work, I had other jobs.

Being raised on the farm, I have driven 30 different kinds of tractors, two combines, a hay mower, and a hay rake.  I have driven horses, hauled hay, grain, bundles of grain, and shocked grain (Canadians call it “stuked”)

I have milked cows and goats, butchered animals, thinned beets, picked potatoes, picked cotton, worked on a sheep ranch, a cattle ranch and worked in the woods skidding logs with a horse.  I have picked fruit, irrigated beans, worked in a department store as a delivery boy, and worked as a common laborer.

I have worked in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, California and New York.  I owned my own electrical contracting business for 22 years.  I have also tried to keep up with my wife’s “honey-do” list.

Although I enjoyed farming, electrical work has always been more interesting and challenging.  Now, however, I do very little work that would be classed as “earning a living.”  Though I am the Administrator of my sons’ shop, I am mostly retired, but being retired is pretty tiring.  I think that’s why they call it RE-tired.  Therefore to stave off RE-tired-ment, I try to keep up on my wife’s “honey-do” list.

My advice to everybody is “Don’t Get Old!”

With all that variety of work experience, one common lesson I learned is: Do Not try to tell someone who works in another craft how to do their work!  It will only make enemies.

Find out what you do best and stick with it.

Play it safe.