From Family Promise of Spokane:

“It is with sincere gratitude that we write this letter to thank AdenBecks, LLC, Chauncey Thoeny and David Thoeny for your generous donation of labor for the electrical installation for our new washer and dryer.”

March 15, 2012


With over 500 customers, 98.6% of AdenBecks’ customer base is “completely satisfied to extremely pleased” with our company’s response, with our work performance and with our pricing.

Here is what our customers are saying:

A BIG thank you for a job well done! Greg did a great job.
“Tim Winship (Solar Array Installation)”

AdenBecks’ competent and friendly electricians get it right the first time, and leave my customers satisfied. I send them to my customers’ home and businesses with confidence.
“David Marsh, General Contractor The Oak and Elm Company”

We use AdenBecks exclusively as our electricians. They show up when and where we want them, and don’t require training, in order to do their job.
“Mark Davis 3D Excavation”


From Michael Carpenter (09/08/2023):

“Thank you, Mark and Thomas are fantastic. We appreciate them, they did a great job. Good people. We will have some more work for you soon. Thanks. 5 stars from us and 6 if they are available. You guys are the best!”