Turn the Radio On (Or Off)

The ambient atmosphere in which we live today is full of various kinds of radio waves.  I have been told in the past, that as long as you are walking, sitting, eating, sleeping, etc., various radio waves are going through your body.

Conspiracy theorists contend that some of these radio waves are emitted by radio transmitters in secret locations.

Some of the earliest radio waves were picked up by crystals.  The crystals did not use electricity to operate, but could pick up the transmissions traveling through space.  It has been proposed that other planets, stars, etc. send out radio waves which we hear as static.

Here is an interesting experiment.  Hold a fluorescent light fixture tube parallel to a C.B. radio antenna.  Did it light up without having any electrical input?

I was working on a schoolhouse that had been moved to Spokane’s South Hill area (near all the radio transmission towers).  Before it had been moved, I had removed all the wire and all the breakers from the panel.

I set up a temporary power supply on the job site for the various trades to use during the project.  Within the building, the metal conduit runs were all empty.

One afternoon after everyone had rolled up their cords and left for the day, I could hear someone talking.  I traced it out, and it was coming from one of the classrooms.  That was the classroom that contained the panel.

I put my ear up to the empty panel and could hear a local radio station just as clear as a bell.

Another time we were moving a building to the South Hill.  I could reach up into the dark attic and move the empty conduit.  When I did I could see sparks coming from the moving conduit.  That stopped when I grounded the service.

I one time met a man who lived out in the country.  He told me that he had put up an out-building with metal siding.  When he walked into it, he could hear the local radio station broadcast in his building.  He searched it out and found a place that needed two screws to be driven, in order to tighten up the attached metal.  No more radio broadcasts.

I don’t know why he did that.

Today, on a job site, it’s not uncommon for some workers to bring a radio and “share” their music with you.  Sometimes it is so loud it almost drowns out the sounds of construction.

I don’t know why they do that either.