Travelling By Vehicle

In the electrical trade it has been necessary to travel long distances.  When we moved from Havre, Montana to the Spokane, Washington area it required several trips of 500 to 600 miles, one way, each time, depending on which route we took.

I worked on several jobs in Pullman, Washington, driving the 100 mile trip twice a day, each day, all week.

There were times that I worked in Seattle, coming home on weekends.

Some of us car pooled to St. Mary’s, Idaho for several months.

All of the shops I worked for supplied us a vehicle that we could use to take ourselves, our tools and any material we needed to the job.

When we moved from Montana we used a bob-tailed 1-1/2 ton Chevy to pull our mobile homes.  For a number of years I used it, or loaned it out to others, to move mobile homes around.  My teen-age sons thought it was great fun to drive it to and from High School.  Several times when my work car broke down, I would use it to drive to and from work.

Driving at freeway speeds, it would take on a strange pitching action when it went over a bump.  This was due to the short wheel base.  One day when I took it to work, I arrived at work and could not find my lunch box.

I realized I had set it down on the back of the truck and it probably got pitched alongside the freeway.  Boy!  Was that a long day at work without something to eat.  I searched carefully to see if I could see it along the road as I went home.  Never saw a sign of it.

I often wonder if someone living alongside the freeway found a lunch box in their back yard.  Sometimes our best learned lessons are from negative experiences.