The Invisible Prankster

One day I was working on a six story office building.  My job was on the deserted fourth floor.  I was up on a six foot ladder working on ceiling lighting.

I was intensely occupied with my job when I felt someone pulling on my pant leg.  Without looking down I asked; “What do you need?”

No answer.

I paused what I was doing and looked down.  There was no one in the room.  I thought someone was pulling a prank by pulling on my pants leg and immediately leaving the room.  After that thought I wondered why I didn’t hear whoever it was walking or running as they left the room.

I went back to my work.

Then it happened again.  I came off the ladder and went to checking out my surroundings very thoroughly.  I went into the hallway.

No one.

I checked the other offices.

No one.

I went back to my job, keeping my eyes halfway towards the door, watching out of the corners of my eyes.

Then my pants leg was shaking again.  I carefully searched the room again.  AHA!

I realized a couple of windows had been left open due to the hot summer day.  Short breezes would come in and shake my pants leg.

I closed the windows and the Phenomenon stopped.

Thank goodness I wasn’t losing my mind.

However that wasn’t the last of the curious things that happened to me while I was working on that building.

Those instances can be the foundation for at least a couple more stories.