The Blessings of Air Conditioning

One time I was called to a four unit business complex.  One of the businesses in the complex was a silk screening company.  They wanted to know what it would cost to put in air conditioning.

I scoped out the electrical service very carefully.  The electrical service to the building was right to the very limit of what it could take.  I notified the lady running the silk screening business that it would be quite expensive to install air conditioning in any one unit.

She would have to call the head office back east to get permission to spend the money for air conditioning.

When she got back to me with their response, it was; “In Washington it rains all the time, so air conditioning is unnecessary.”  (The head office experience in Washington must have been limited to the Seattle area.)  Their response kyboshed the whole job.

Sometime afterward, the National Electrical Code (NEC) came out with a ruling that you could have both heating and A/C considered as the same service load, as long as both weren’t operating at the same time.

If I had been smart enough at the time I could have figured that out!

I often think we didn’t have A/C in cars in my younger years.

Before electricity was brought to the farm we didn’t have A/C anywhere.

How did we ever survive?