Should I cover my electrical panel for safety?

Question: “I have read on the internet that electrical waves can come out of your electrical panel and promote tumors and ill health; especially if you sleep next to the panel area in a bedroom.  Is it true, and are their any special actions I can take to stop it?

Answer: Do not believe everything you read on the internet.  Sometimes the information is skewed to present a personal belief in a specific light.

There are no scientifically proven studies to support the idea that electricity can emanate from your electrical panel and cause health issues.  The reasons for this include;

1).  The way in which an electrical panel is constructed, with neutral, ground and hot connections, works to contain any “vagrant” electricity.

2).  There may, possibly, be an element of electro-magnetism within the panel, but the amount is many times less than what you encounter walking around upon the ground.


Magnetic radiation from electrical systems is many times smaller than the earths field that we walk around every day. Other folks swear that things like cell phones and radio towers are causing cancer, but expose themselves regularly to the front of a TV, or walk outside in the sun, both of which are radiation sources many times larger.   For more information follow this link.