Pulling A Dagwood

Pulling A Dagwood


One time, coming home from a vacation, our family was traveling late.  So late in fact that we got home early…..in the morning….just before sunrise….on a work day.  The shop I was working for at the time was busy and I was expected back to work that morning.

I took a short nap, ate my breakfast, and went to work.  We were wiring a soft drink bottling plant.  I was all alone in the building, trying to keep busy so I wouldn’t get too sleepy.  I was doing pretty well at it too.

The office for the bottling plant was a totally enclosed space within the plant with its ceiling several feet below the roof of the plant.  I was sitting on the top of the office ceiling planning my conduit runs when I heard the front door close.  It woke me up.

The door had been closed by the bottling plant owner that was paying for the electrical work.  I didn’t know how long I had been asleep, whether he had noticed me sitting still on the office ceiling, or if he had deduced that I was not awake.

I acted like everything was normal, but it worried me.  For some reason it was the last time I worked on a job for that particular business owner.  To be safe, I dropped some of my time off of my time report for that day.

I thought about it for many days and it still bothered me.  One day I mentioned it to my Father-in-law, an honest man.  He said that he knew the fellow.  He had been employed at the same job, and had worked under my Father-in-law at the Fort Peck Dam, while it was under construction.  My Father-in-law said that he was the most useless, lazy man that he had ever had work under his authority.  So I let the whole thing go.  I quit worrying.

If any of the individuals involved, or their relatives, are still alive nearly 50 years later, and happen to read this blog, it is my explanation for what happened.

Or maybe I had only dozed for less than 30 seconds.

Everything else is coincidental.