Projects I Didn’t Get

In operating my own business, I became very competitive – well competitive for me.

If I was on the road, tending to business, and passing by a job site, I would wonder to myself; “Why didn’t they let me bid on it?”  Sometimes I would stop and leave a business card.  (Of late, the boys have put together a list of pros and cons for hiring AdenBecks to do their wiring.  They send it with bids or leave it in doorways where there is a project happening.  The last listing under the “Cons” of the home owner doing it himself is; “Being electrocuted is a bad thing.”)

One time I was working on a house when a fellow came inside to talk to me.  He was building a house up the road from where I was working and wanted to know how much I charged per hour.  He was quite disgusted with his contractor and was ready to fire him.

I gave him my business card and told him to call me anytime and I would come by and give him a price.

I never heard from him again.  Perhaps he made up with his contractor.  Or maybe he used my hourly rate as a negotiation tool.  Who knows?

One gentleman would get my price regularly, …. then do the work himself.  He would use my price to calculate his general contract, and do the work I had priced for him.  I don’t know how he handled the electrical inspection.

About that time I began to realize that electrical inspectors were our allies.  Over time the electrical code has become more stringent and non- electricians or contractors without an electrical license are no longer allowed to do the electrical work.

Now-a-days an electrical inspector has to pass the same tests as an electrical contractor.  It evens the playing field.

Even today, though, we still encounter some individuals that want to do their own wiring.  It is allowed if it is for their Own Residence.  They still need to take out a permit and have it inspected.

Sometimes an individual will do their own wiring on their “own residence” and in less than 2 years they will flip the home.  When the Washington State electrical inspection department catches them, there is a fine attached.

All in all, there are some good laws, and some that aren’t so good.