Out of Gas Again

Out of Gas Again


One of the contractors I worked for supplied me with a company pick-up.  Yes, it was a 1945 Ford, but at the time it was only about 12 years old.  Since for a time we were wiring a movie theater across the street from the shop, I would leave the pick-up parked at the shop and walk to the theater job.


At times I would get called away from the theater to do random small jobs.  I would walk across the street, take the pick-up out, do the small job, return the pick-up to the shop, and walk back across the street to the theater.


There was a small gas station where the contractor had set up an account.  We could fill up with gas and the bill would be sent directly to the contractor.  We didn’t have to worry about it.  Just keep the rigs filled was all he asked.  I would leave the shop, pass the station on my way to whatever small job I was going to – with my mind on the job I was headed for.


I would forget to gas up.


After completing the short call I would return the pick-up (past the gas station) to the shop and hurry back to the theater.  This went on for a couple of days with the gas gauge getting lower and lower.


One day I was working in the theater when my boss came over and asked to use my pick-up as his was being repaired.


I said; “Sure, it’s your pick-up.  The keys are hanging in the office.”


When I went in that night he took me to task.  He said; “I pay for the gas.  I pay for the time it takes to put gas in the pick-up.  Why can’t you keep the pick-up filled with gas?”


I apologized and told him I had just forgotten.  I asked if he had to walk far.  He said; “No, I was just in front of the station when it ran out and I coasted up to the pump.  I want you to keep this thing filled with gas!”


A couple weeks went by and it happened again.  I was at the theater and he needed my pick-up.  I forgot to tell him it was low on gas.  That night when I went in, he never said a word.  I noticed the next morning the pick-up was full of gas.


A couple of weeks went by and I noticed it was low on gas.  This time I didn’t forget.  As he filled the tank the attendant told me that my boss was “rather perturbed” with me because I ran my tank too low.


I said; “He told me he was just in front of the station when he ran out and he coasted in.”


The attendant said; “That was the time before.  This last time he was clear across town.”


I noticed that my boss never asked to use my pick-up again.  I think he gave up on me.