I had worked in the electrical trade in Glasgow, Montana for four years when work slowed down to the point that I needed to go elsewhere for a job.

We had purchased a new car on payments, and those payments had to be made.  We had a little boy to raise, and for some reason he was always eating.

I went 160 miles west to Havre, Montana to find work and I found it.  On July 4th I went back to Glasgow to move my family and trailer home to Havre.  I hitched the new Ford to the trailer and moved everything in one trip.

We got a late start, so when evening came we pulled over alongside the road outside of Malta, Montana.  I remember it was the 4th of July, because during the night someone drove by and threw out a fire cracker that landed by the trailer.  When it went off it woke up the baby.  I heard the car drive away with the occupants laughing.  We survived.

After thirteen years in Havre it was time to move again.  By that time our family had grown to four children.  I found work within the week in Spokane, Washington.  This time it took six trips and an entire year to make the move.

Besides children we had horses, goats, chickens and a second larger mobile home (total of two mobile homes), a structure that connected the two living quarters, my mother in law, her mobile home (that makes three mobile homes), her car, our car, a pick-up, a trailer tower, the original new car we had purchased, a spare parts car for that one, and a horse trailer.

Setting up all of our trailers and etcetera on unimproved land took some time and lots of work.  Nine years later we moved again onto another unimproved land location.  By that time the only items from the previous move we didn’t have were the original car, the parts car and the horse trailer.  Of course we had acquired a number of outbuildings that we didn’t want to leave behind.  And the older children now had their vehicles.

In the forty-three years since our move to Spokane we have built a house on unimproved land, started our own business, and acquired and/or built more outbuildings.  And we have purchased our second new car.

I have now turned the business over to my sons.

The electrical trade has done a fine job of supporting us and our family.  I have informed my family that if and when my wife and I died, and they want to move, they should hire a bull dozer and push everything down into the swamp and cover it over.

Let future generations say; “What happened here?”