Mistaken Identity

I have met so many people and known their names over the years, sometimes it is difficult to remember who belongs to which story by which name.

Two carpenters I met were a team and I worked with them on several jobs.  (I rarely mention names in this blog, but this story depends on providing at least one name.)  One of the carpenters was Adrian Dahl.  I don’t remember the other man’s name.  However, when I worked with them on a job, they would refer to each other by their last names.

One of my younger brothers also worked at carpentry work from time to time.  He always referred to his wife as “Doll.”  When he would say: “Hey Doll, come here” it sounded very much like one of the carpenters calling his work partner.

One day when I was working on a job with these two guys, my wife came by the job to talk to me.  This was a rare occurrence.  She came to the entryway and spoke to one of the carpenters, saying she needed to talk to Adrian.

The carpenter turned and called out; “Adrian, there’s a lady here to see you.”  Apparently I was out of earshot and never heard him call.  Adrian Dahl appeared and my wife blurted out; “You’re not my husband!”

They said, “You want the electrician” and came and fetched me.

Sometime later my wife and I were at a dance and Adrian Dahl was there also.  He asked my wife to dance.  She hesitated and he grinned and said; “Well, we’re practically married.”

He had a little place outside of town.   I used to go out there and do some work for him.  We always enjoyed the joke.

Case number 2

My brother Marke and his wife Pat also lived in the same town as we did.  Marke worked in the County Road shop running large equipment.  The man in charge of the road maintenance shop was a good friend of ours name Wilber.  His head mechanic was his brother Howard who was also a good friend.  Furthermore the shop I was working for was located directly across the street from the County Shop.  One of the electricians in our shop was named Mark.

One day my sister in law Pat called the county shop to speak to my brother Marke.  She wanted him to pick up some items before he came home.  She asked to speak to Marke.

Marke was out on a piece of equipment.  Maybe it was Wilbur, or maybe it was Howard, pulling a joke.  Or maybe it was someone else in the County shop; but whoever it was called the electrician Mark who happened to be working in the County shop to answer the call.

Mark: “Hello.”

Pat: “On your way home would you______, …. Is this Marke?

Mark: “Yes.”

Pat: “Mark would you pick up (item)_______, …Are you sure this is Marke?”

Mark: “Yes, this is Mark.”

Pat: “Marke T?”

Mark: “No, Mark K.”

Pat: “I want to talk to Mark T.”

Mark: “He’s out on the road running a piece of equipment.”


I don’t know how they settled it.

Neither Marke nor Pat recall the occasion; but I do, since I was associated with both Mark(e)s.

It is well marked in my memory.