It’s a Long Drive to Get There

For awhile, in order to make a living, I worked out of town.  Over a period of a couple years, I worked part time in Seattle.  I couldn’t afford to move there, so I stayed with our daughter and son-in-law and drove home every weekend.

This practice gave me a wide variety of experience.

Heavy fog was the most challenging condition I encountered.  For instance, at times I would follow a set of tail lights through the night, in the fog, on the freeway.  One time I followed a car right off of the freeway.  Then I had to figure out how to get back on the freeway and find another set of tail lights to follow.

Another type of experience was accidents.

One time my wife and I were driving home from Seattle when we observed a huge cloud of dust.  When we reached the location of the dust cloud, we saw that a car had gone off of the freeway and rolled.  The lady who had been driving the vehicle was standing by the edge of the road hugging a passerby.

I immediately thought of all kinds of back stories that could have lead to this eventuality.  However since the lady had help and we would have been holding up traffic, we continued on without stopping.

Seventy-five years of driving makes me appreciate the song that says; “It’s a jungle out there.”  (Even if I’m not OCD)

I have travelled by airline to get to some jobs.  Air travel is said to be the safest way to travel, but I don’t feel it.

For one thing, it is difficult to stop by the side of the road and visit with someone when you travel via plane.

Or to visit a roadside attraction.