Lightning Changes

There are three ways to conduct electrical current from one point to another.

1. Under the ground through wires.

2. Overhead on poles through wires.

3. Through the air – with no wires

As radical as number three sounds, it is used today – sometimes with increasing regularity.  However at this time lightning is not controlled by humans.

I have always wondered why it isn’t possible to use the electricity produced by lightning.

You can use running water to produce electricity, and you can use electricity to provide running water.

You can use blowing wind to produce electricity, and you can use electricity to provide air movement.

You can use electricity to produce heat, and you can use heat to produce electricity.

Why not lightning?

Science has established that in a lightning storm, lightning rises from the earth to meet the lightning descending from the sky.  Therefore, evidently, there is electricity in the earth.  That brings all kinds of possibilities to mind.

For instance, when you park your car in the summer with all the windows up, the interior of the car soon becomes unbearably hot.  Between the hot upholstery and the super hot steering wheel I’ve been scalded numerous times.

Why not install an interior automobile system in a car for summer time heat.  When the summer time temperature in the car rises higher than the outside ambient air (and you would ONLY want this to operate in the summer), a generator powered by heat and ground effect electricity, could operate a series of small fans to bring outside, cooling air into the car to equal, or be less than, the outside temperature.

Voila!  Another problem solved.