Keep Your Truck Neat

One shop where I worked told me to come in early on Friday afternoons to clean out my truck and restock for the next week.  I considered it an excellent policy.

One fellow never put anything away.  When he finished a job, he threw everything in the panel in a large pile.  If he needed something he would search through the pile to see if he had it, walking on the stuff already there.

One day when my van was in the repair shop and this fellow was on vacation, the company gave me his van to drive.  What a mess!  I would park next to the curb, open the sliding door and wiring material would fall out and roll down into the gutter.  When I went in that night I informed the shop I couldn’t work out of that vehicle.  It was impossible!

The stockroom boy told me that one other fellow had used this truck and when he opened the door and saw the interior, he closed the door, drove back to the shop, backed up to the door of the stock room, got a scoop shovel and shoveled everything out into a pile on the dock; tools and all.  The stockroom boy said it took him a week to put everything away.

Apparently the guy to whom that the truck had been assigned never got the hint.  However, when he retired the company gave him the van.  He must have been considered “valuable.”

While I was still at that company, we were working on an out of town job.  We were issued a water cooler and paper cups.  When winter time came the cooler was emptied so that it wouldn’t freeze up.

The guys came across a “road kill” cat beside the road.  They stuck it inside the cooler as a surprise for the stock room boy.  Everything was unloaded but the stock room boy never opened anything up to check it out.

Months later this terrible odor permeated the stockroom.  They had to go through everything to find where it was coming from.

It was necessary to discard the water cooler

I don’t recall if anyone answered for the “surprise” with their employment.  Some shops just do not tolerate such horse play.