It’s In the Blood

In years past, many years past, not many families had their own private freezer.  As a consequence there were businesses built around renting your meat locker in a large building filled with meat lockers.  We referred to them as a locker plant.  You could rent a freezer locker for your meat.  They were very handy in hunting communities.

Today a personal home freezer is so common the rental meat locker, as a business venture, is no longer viable.  One such building was being knocked down by bull-dozer to make room for new construction.  After knocking down the building, the bull-dozer pushed all the debris and detritus (chunks of concrete, wood, nails, etc.) into the lot area and buried and leveled it.

A grocery store was put up on that location.  A large electrified sign was put up across what was to be the parking lot.  We had to ditch out to the sign location and place conduit and wire in the ditch to carry electricity to the sign.

While I was running the conduit in the ditch, I got cuts on my hand from sharp pieces of concrete.  After a short time I noticed a red streak going up my arm, so I got in my pick up and went to our family doctor.  When the girl at the desk saw the red streak she sent me right into the doctor.  No waiting!

He took one look at me and asked; “What happened?”

I explained it all to him.  He asked me if it hurt there, indicating my arm pit.  I put my hand under my arm pit and said; “No, it doesn’t hurt there.”

He replied; “That’s good.  If it did it would be too late!”

Thanks Doc!

He gave me an anti-biotic which took care of it quickly.

I’m still alive.

It seems I was always working in some dirty, messy place.

I guess I was too anxious to work.