Getting There

In the electrical trade, I think perhaps there are more parts and pieces for material needed than in any other trade.  There are different types of wiring that each requires their own list of materials, as well as some parts that are common among several processes.  For instance, the different types of wiring installation include; house wiring, commercial and industrial wiring, fiber optics, electronics, explosion proof, repair and service work, harmonics, etc.  Some of these types of wiring require very specialized materials.

Manufacturers continually bring out new equipment, new support materials, and updated methodology.  The NEC code is, if not re-written, continually updated every three years to keep up with emerging technology and material capability.

I have worked in all of the types of wiring noted above except fiber optics.  Electronics is one of the more recent types of wiring – which coincidently I am having difficulty learning.

The result of all of these types of electrical work is that your work vehicle must be able to carry a wide range and variety of material with you when you go to a job.  One of the reasons we need shelves and drawers is because the material needs to be kept dry, dust free and undamaged.  Sometimes it means knowing how and what you can substitute to do a job properly and completely.  That in turn impacts the vehicle you use for a work vehicle.

I have seen many different designs that electricians have come up with in order to provide material transportation.  One of the better vehicles was a telephone truck, but they were designed chiefly with low voltage work in mind.  The best one I have seen is a high topped van which can contain many shelves and drawers.  These days I think the best one is the Dodge Sprinter Hi-Top in three different sizes.  One of the electricians that worked for me referred to it as an “electrician’s Cadillac.”

Most of the time when I worked for other companies, I was given a pick-up to use as a work vehicle.  As a result I usually had material on the dash, on the passenger seat, under the seat, you name it.  Due to circumstances, one time I had to provide a ride for my wife in my work vehicle.  I had a very difficult time finding room for her….inside.

I told my boss that I had given my wife a ride in his pick-up on the way to work.  He eyed the front passenger seat and said; “What did you do?  Pick her up and set her on top of all the stuff?”