Flag Girl

One day I was headed out to look at a job north of Deer Park, Washington.  (about a 35 miles away.)  It was a warm day and I was tired.  As I drove, I felt myself getting drowsy.  Then I unexpectedly came upon a road construction crew making road repairs.

I had to hit the brakes pretty hard to keep from running into the vehicle in front of me.  However I did not have to squeal my tires to avoid an accident.

While I was waiting to move forward I noticed a young lady with a flag running back and forth across the front of the line.  Eventually the line started to move.  As I came up even with her, she stopped me.  I rolled down my window and she proceeded to bawl me out.  Read me the riot act.  Lecture me from the book.

She said that I had been driving too fast and that I could have killed her.  I didn’t quite follow her logic, but I apologized and she let me go on.

As I proceeded to the job site, I was anything but drowsy.  During the drive and the succeeding time looking at the prospective job I couldn’t get what she had told me out of my mind.  I decided the correct thing to do would be to stop on my return trip and apologize again.

I thought I would mention that she had probably saved my life, as I was getting sleepy and she was doing a good job.

When I got back to the location of the road repairs the road crew was gone.  The Flag Girl was gone.  Everything was back to normal.

Too bad!

I have always admired people who did a good job and were diligent in doing their work.

Maybe someday I will run across her and I can explain to her I really wasn’t trying to run into her, … the first time.