Another Cookie

The Fred Myer Corporation was going to build another store at a location that already had some existing businesses and a manufactured home park.  The owners of the manufactured home park purchased property about ½ mile away and moved their tenants to the new location.

The manufactured home park had about 30 homes and I wound up hooking up about 20 of them.

Every electrical hook up for a manufactured home is different.  There are no two hook ups that are alike, but I was able to do about two a day.  They didn’t move all the homes at once, as a consequence I was at that site for about 3 weeks.

I met some interesting people, including the manager.

After all of the homes had been moved, set up, and occupied, I would be called back every so often when an existing home would move out and a new one would move in.  The manager would recommend me to tenants that wanted small wiring jobs done.  I also wired several projects for the manager, such as an RV garage and landscaping additions.

Above the new location for the manufactured home park was an old meat packing plant.  In order to have access to the meat packing plant, the road was built around two sides of the manufactured home court.

I don’t know how much traffic went back and forth to the old plant, but there was extensive traffic in and out of the court.

One time I was talking to the manager and I commented that it was strange that the road had not been re-routed so the access to the plant would not go by the court.

The manager, who was getting up in years, near retirement, said to me; “I’m just too tired to fight city hall anymore.  All I want now is another cookie.”

I know what he meant.

I have come across similar circumstances in dealing with the “powers that be.”