A Good Wife

One of the guys I worked with was a good family man.  He had a wife and two sons when I knew him (back before cell phones were invented), though I never did meet them.

One day he came to work and all morning long he had a strange look on his face; like he was trying to figure something out.  Finally he told us what was on his mind.

The previous weekend he and his wife had been working in the yard, their boys were off staying somewhere, and he told his wife; “It’s such a nice day, let’s go for a drive.”

His wife agreed and said that she would get her jacket and purse while he got the car.  He reminded her that their boys were staying with friends that weekend and they wouldn’t have to rush anywhere.  When his wife came out she said she wanted to drive.  They headed west.

They drove along for quite a way and eventually stopped at a café to eat.  When they came out, the husband took the wheel and off they went again.  They were still not rushing, just driving, since there was no need to hurry home.

Eventually they decided that since they had gone so far, they might as well get a motel room for the night.

About that time the wife remarked; “This looks like a good motel, let’s see if they have a room.”

He went in to check.

They had a room.

A room that was already reserved for them.

It had puzzled him, and when he returned to the car he said; “They already had a room reserved for us” in a questioning tone.

She said; “I know.”

When the guy had told us his account, one of the other men (who had been married many years) asked him; “How long have you been married?”

I never did get the opportunity to meet the guy’s wife, but I think she must have had a lot of moxie.