5000 Volts

One of my nephews was wiring a house where the sheetrockers were filling the electrical boxes with sheetrock mud.  He had a short conversation with them to express his displeasure.

He told them that what they were doing was counterproductive.  After the mud dried it took a great deal of work on his part to clean out an electrical box in order to trim out a job; whereas, if the mud were soft, it took no time to fish it out with a finger.  And furthermore, the tapers had tubs and boards that were designed for the purpose of cleaning sheetrock mud off of their trowels and knives.

The response was for one of the tapers to look him square in the eye and fill up a nearby electrical box with a trowel of mud.

In response my nephew took out his hammer and walked down a hallway punching holes in the sheetrock as he went.

This lead to a stern reprimand from his boss.

Apparently it was not an approved way to handle the problem.

One of the employers I had was very particular about when we checked out each night.  While in his employ, one other guy and I were partnered up quite often.  However, we both had our own company vehicle and would sometimes work different jobs.  The boss would get angry if we showed back up at the shop a minute early at the end of the day.  We were quite determined not to show up a minute late at the end of the day.

After all, why should we donate time we would never get paid for?  Sometimes we would find ourselves driving in a parade around the block a couple of laps so that our arrival at the shop would be right on time.

On one job that both of us were working, the carpenters kept messing with our wiring after we left.  My partner’s way of dealing with it was to tell the carpenters: “Now don’t mess with those wires.  They are 5000 volts and that can kill you if you touch it.”

No sooner had we garaged our vehicles than the lady of the house called the shop and said; “You get that man back here right now and get those high voltage wires out of my walls!”

He had to drive back there and explain to the lady that he had just said that to keep the carpenters out of the wiring.  She wouldn’t believe him.  She believed that whatever the carpenters told her was absolute truth.  He wound up removing the wire to satisfy her.

Can’t we all just get along?